Refilling Of HP Original Ink Cartridges

We provided refilling service for the HP original cartridges starting from @ $10 for each (Cyan – Magenta – Yellow – Light Cyan – Light Magenta) and Black Cartridges from @ $15 each. Pricing depends on your cartridge number and the quantity of ink level required to fill inside cartridges.

Please email us for prices enquiries at: / text here: 0221562297

This refilling service available in Auckland + pickup and drop from our place only. You need to give us at 1 hour spare time to make them ready for you. You must bring your old empty HP original cartridge in order to fill it for you.

In some cases we may not be able to refill your cartridge if its damaged or cartridges are designed to use it one times only.

We also recycle the empty HP cartridges at free of cost.

You can directly courier or drop at our location of HP Original ink cartridges / Toners free of cost.

For HP cartridges recycling

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